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OC509: Moluccas Shield Pub. 1995

  • OC509 : Moluccas Shield Pub. 1995
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OC509: Moluccas Shield Pub. 1995

A very fine and intricate Moluccan shield. These small shields are called parrying shields and were most likely mostly used for status and dance. The small inlay is shell and the eight large center pieces are Dutch porcelain. The faceted front surface has natural black pigment and the overall patina is good from age and use. An unusually fine quality example of this unusual shield. Mounted on a custom metal stand.    

Previously in the collection of Thomas Murray, California and published in the book "Protection, Power and Display" Boston Collage Museum of Art, 1995. Item No. 10, page 33.

25 1/2" Tall by 4" Wide. Early 20th century, Moluccan Islands, Indonesia.    ....$5800.00

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