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OC522: Papuan Gulf Figure

  • OC522 : Papuan Gulf Figure
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OC522: Papuan Gulf Figure

A fine and rare Papuan Gulf male figure from the Turamarubi peoples of the Turama River Area. This figure is carved in the round and has natural pigment color in the carved details. The pointed down feet show that this piece would have been hung in the ceremonial house. The patina is good and dark from age and use, and it is mounted on a custom metal stand.     

Field collected by George Craig in the 1960's. Previously in the collections of: Kevin Truman, Australia, Christensen Fund, California, Michael Hamson, California and Paul Harris Washington.

34" tall by 4 3/4" wide. Early 20th century, PapuanGulf, New Guinea.    ....$Price on Request

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