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INDO619: Dayak Mandau Sword

INDO619: Dayak Mandau Sword

A fine and complete Dayal Mandau sword from the Kenyan / Kayan peoples of Borneo. The antler handle has many abstract Aso heads with open mouths and large teeth, and a Dutch coin dated 1941. The scabbard is in fine condition with antler inlay woven rattan bands. The Pisau back knife is old, but missing the blade. The sword blade has fine brass inlay in Aso motifs. The overall patina is good from age and use. This is a 19th century sword that most likely had the handle re-wrapped in the early 20th century. Mounted on a custom metal base.     

26.5" overall with a 20" blade. 19th century Borneo, Indonesia.    ....$2500.00

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