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AF604: Lega Mask

  • AF604 : Lega Mask
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AF604: Lega Mask

A beautiful old and classic Lega mask. Confidently carved in the subdued simple Lega style with heart shaped face that has traces of old white Kaolin. As with many old masks you can see the sparkle of some other mineral mixed in with the white clay. Small Lega masks were not worn on the face but hung on the costume headdress or other parts of the ritual costume. The overall piece, front and back has a good appropriate patina from age and use. Mounted on a custom metal stand.     

Previously in the collection of Frealon Bibbins who purchased this piece from Lawrence Hultburg in the late 1990's.

7 3/4" Tall by 4 3/4" wide. Early 20th century, D R Congo, Africa.    ....$1800.00

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