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INDO626: Ata-oro Figure

  • INDO626 : Ata-oro Figure
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INDO626: Ata-oro Figure

A fine and large Ata-oro figure with a good patina from age and use. The face is expressive and the shoulders are hunched forward. The feet point down was these figures were meant to hang from an interior house post and not sit on a flat surface. The hanging twine and cloth loincloth is still intact. A quality old example of a rare form of traditional Indonesian art.     

Previously in the collection of Jerry Solomon who purchased this piece form Irwin Hersey prior to 1994. Irwin Hersey is the author of the book "Indonesian Primitive Art", 1991.

10.5" tall by 2" wide. Early 20th century, Ata-oro Island, Indonesia.    ....$7500.00

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