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OC422: Sawos / Arapesh Headrest

OC422: Sawos / Arapesh Headrest

A very fine and unusual New Guinea headrest from the Sawos or Arapesh peoples of the East Sepik Province. Each end of the headrest has a face both on the top and bottom surfaces. The bottom center has two full figures carved in relief. The color pigment is original and a combination of natural pigment and "German" blueing. I have included a base that allows the piece to stand up on one end for best viewing of the bottom.    

Field collected by Bruce Lawes in 1968. This piece was included in the 1971 Oakland Art Museum show and listed in the catalog, but not pictured. There is an ink stamp on one leg that the museum put on.

24 Long by 8 Tall and 7 Wide. Early 20th century, New Guinea.    ....$3500.00

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