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Antique Oceanic Art and Tribal Artifacts

OC441: Large Asmat Shield

  • OC441 : Large Asmat Shield
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OC441: Large Asmat Shield

A fine and very large Area "B" Asmat shield from the Irogo Village, Upper Jerep River, of the Northwest Asmat area. The intricate and bold headhunting symbols of flying fox and nose ornaments are well carved, and colored with natural pigments and kaolin. The back of the shield has some slight carving and red pigment, as well as a good patina on the handle from age and use. There are remnants of the old raffia decorations on the sides.    

Previously in the collection of Paul Harris, Alaska. Paul purchased this shield from Kirby Lewis of Lewis Wara Gallery Seattle. Field collected by Todd Barlin in 1986.

82" Tall by 27" Wide. Early 20th century, New Guinea.    ....$Price on request

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