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OC439: Vokeo Mask

  • OC439 : Vokeo Mask
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OC439: Vokeo Mask

Vokeo Island mask from the Schouten Islands area of New Guinea. This type of mask is know as a "lewa" mask and represents a female spirit or deity. The black, red and white pigments are natural pigments and in good condition. The original bark banding is in fine condition, but the bite bar for wearing the mask is missing. The back side has a good patina from age and use. This is a probably a post WWII mask, but it was made for traditional use within the culture. Mounted on a custom metal base.    

Field collected by Bruce Lawes and sold by him in 1976.

. Mid 20th century, Schouten Islands, New Guinea.    ....$2000.00

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