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AF412: Songye Prestige Axe

  • AF412 : Songye Prestige Axe
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AF412: Songye Prestige Axe

Songye prestige axe with copper blade mounted on a custom metal base. Copper bladed African weapons are purely ceremonial and reserved for the high ranking important members of the tribe. The blade is very well forged (difficult to do with copper) and has a raised face on both sides. The handle is wrapped with lizard skin that is in fine condition with one small stable split. There is an old collection number 57-13-26 on the blade and on the wood of the handle.    

Previously in the collection of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - DeYoung Museum. This fine axe was deaccessioned by auction in 1999.

20" Long - 9 1/2" Wide - 16" Blade. Early 20th century, D. R. Congo, Africa.    ....$2200.00

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