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Antique African Art and Tribal Artifacts

AF526: Baule Male Figure

AF526: Baule Male Figure

A masterfully carved male Baule figure. This beautiful carving has high scarification and thin fine hair. The patina is deep and red with remnants of dark libations or encrustations indicating that it may have been cleaned at an earlier time.     

Previously in the collection of James Byrnes (1917-2011) who had a long career in the museum world. He started as a curator at the Los Angeles County Museum 1946, then the director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in 1954, then the Associate Director of North Carolina, Raleigh in 1956. In 1960 Byrnes became the Director of the New Orleans Museum, and then from 1972 to 1975 the Director of the Newport Harbor Art Museum in California. In 1989 he was the emeritus director of the New Orleans Museum. Byrnes specialized in of contemporary art, but also had a key role in bringing ethnographic art into the museum.

15 1/2" Tall by 3" Wide. Early 20th century, Ivory Coast Africa.    ....$3500.00

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