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AF531: Mboum Knife of Authority

  • AF531 : Mboum Knife of Authority
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AF531: Mboum Knife of Authority

A very rare form of prestige scepter in the form similar to a throwing knife. The form originated from a throwing knife, but this piece is no longer made as a weapon, but a symbol of authority and prestige. Forged iron with a thick ridge along the left side. Modern copies of this type are made from flat sheet steel and do not show the hand forged qualities of varying thickness, forged welds and hammer marks. The surface has chiseled arrow designs on the front side. There is some pitting and staining from previous rust, but it has been professionally cleaned to preserve the surface.     

Previously in a Belgian collection.

21" Tall by 14" Wide. Early 20t century, Cameroon, Africa.    ....$3800.00

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