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Antique Oceanic Art and Tribal Artifacts

OC475: Tami Island Bowl

OC475: Tami Island Bowl

An outstanding example of a Tami Island, Huon Gulf bowl. The classic faces on each end are expressive and very well carved. The full figure on each side is dynamic and looks to be flying. His arms touch the snout of a crocodile with wide open mouth on each side. the surface decoration is intricate and precise with two snakes on the bottom. The patina and surface is black and crusty from age and use. One of the best Tami bowls I have ever seen.     

Collected by Bruce Lawes in the Arapesh village of Hopmagum where it had been traded and used. I have the original receipt from when Lawes sold this piece in 1977.

19" Long by 9 1/2" Wide and 4 1/2" Tall. Early 20th century, Tami Island, New Guinea.    ....$Price on Request

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