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Assorted Antique Ethnographic Art and Tribal Artifacts

AS547: Yami Armor and Helmet

AS547: Yami Armor and Helmet

A 19th century Yami body armor made of rattan and fish leather with a woven rattan helmet. This rare war armor set is from Orchid island off the coast of Taiwan. The Yami are one of the traditional aboriginal Taiwanese people often referred to as Paiwan. There is some early native repair to extend the working life of the armor seen on the top section where the fish skin is a lighter color and the rattan more yellow. The oldest sections have a very dark smokey patina from years of use and storage. Mounted on a customer metal stand.    

Previously in an old collection in England.

32" tall x 17 1/2" wide - Armor 19 1/2" - Hat 13" diameter. 19th century, Taiwan.    ....$7500.00

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