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Assorted Antique Ethnographic Art and Tribal Artifacts

AS551: Garo War Shield

AS551: Garo War Shield

A very fine and rare Garo war shield. The Garo are a Naga related tribe that is now in the Meghalaya state of North East India, but before 1972 they were part of Assam. Previously fierce warriors and headhunters who were severally beaten in a battle with the British in 1872. This wood based shield has a very unusual double concave hourglass shape and fine rattan work on the back. The front has the decoration carved in and colored with natural pigment. The top has leather attached with small wood pegs. The overall patina is good from age and use. Mounted on a custom wood base.    

25" Tall by 14 3/4" Wide. 19th century, North East India near Assam.    ....Sold

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